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I have to admit as a Canadian in Rio, I have never gotten used to Christmas in the tropical climate. The juxtaposition of the White Christmas during the height of the summer is always amusing – so when I had the chance to spend the day at this unique Santa School in the centre of Rio, I couldn’t resist!
There was big challenge in editing this film at home – I had to keep my computer screen hidden the whole time from my 3 and 5 year old kids, in fear that a shot of a roomful of Santas might shatter their precious belief in Papai Noel!
Merry Christmas everyone, I’ll be on the beach….
And Santa, if  you’re reading this….I would like a tripod for Christmas….

Como nasci e cresci no Canadá, nunca me acostumei a passar o Natal no calor. Sempre me parece engraçado ver as coisas típicas do Natal aqui neste clima tropical – e por isto fiz esse filme.

Foi um grande desafio editar esse filme em casa – o tempo todo escondendo a tela das minhas crianças, que tem 3 e 5 anos de idade, pois a visão das imagens de uma sala cheia de Papais Noeis poderia destruir seus sonhos preciosos….
Feliz Natal para tudo mundo, vou passar mais este Natal na praia mesmo!
E… Papai Noel esteja lendo…..gostaria um tripé para Natal!

4 responses to “95: SANTA SCHOOL

  1. stella ⋅

    Lovely. Now where was that black Santa when I was a kid?

  2. Love it. Nice shooting. Hard to do in a place like that.

  3. filbertfox ⋅

    v. interesting film. Nice to know the spirit of Xmas isn’t confined to the Northern hemisphere!

  4. Patricia ⋅

    Love! Way to show the magic in reality.

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