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98 + 97: The Fly vs The Frog

Did you know there was a group of Native Indians living in the centre of Rio de Janeiro? The Maracana Village is a unique community of indigenous people who live next to the famous Maracana Stadium, and they are now under threat as the area is being redeveloped for the World Cup 2014 and Olympics in 2016.

It seems since we filmed, it has been announced that the building will be demolished.

I was commissioned by an outside producer to make a film about the Maracana Village, and I thought it would be interesting to share the project here.

FILM NUMBER 98 is the film I wanted to make – without narration, with the voices of the Indians themselves.


FILM NUMBER 97 is the film they ended up making – with narration and a ‘voice of authority’. It’s no longer available online, but trust me, it was rubbish and boring…


Eu acho interessante discutir esse projeto aqui. Recebei um pedido de um produtor fora, querendo essa historia das Indigenas que moram ao lado do Estádio de Maracanã aqui no Rio de Janeiro.
Numero 98 é o filme que eu quis fazer – sem narração, a voz da historia e dos índios mesmos.
Numero 97 é o filme que eles quiseram, mais típico estilo de jornalismo, com narração e ‘voz’ de autoridade.

One response to “98 + 97: The Fly vs The Frog

  1. Number 98 is a very sad story beautifully told. I’m really glad you posted your vision for the story as well as the news version. Love the title as well. Of course. Although I wish the frog wasn’t such a bad guy. For many reasons.

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