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101 – Darla: The Samba Queen

Of course the first film has to be about the Carnaval. You know the famous parade with the scantily clad women gyrating to the samba – but what you don’t know is that two days before the main event, thousands of children, as young as 3, hold their own parade in the famous Sambodromo stadium. I had the great honour of spending the day with six year-old Darla, Queen of the Mangueira Samba School and her family, brother Darlon, mother Marlene and father Sisnei.

Hope you enjoy it. Only 100 more to go…

Foi um grande prazer filmar com a Darla – uma menina tão talentosa – e compartilhar essa experiencia de fazer a Passarela com as crianças de Mangueira do Amanhã. Gostaria de agradecer a familia toda, Darla, Darlon, Marlene e Sisnei.

Espero que voçê goste! 

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